Friday, November 8, 2013

Bram Stoker

Abraham Stoker was born in Dublin, Ireland on November 8, 1847.  Just about everyone knows that he was the author of the 1897 novel DRACULA.   But most don't know that Stoker was best known as the business manager of the Lyceum Theatre in London during his lifetime.

Stoker was the victim of an unknown illness which left him bedridden until he was seven years old.  After his recovery, he began school.  Fortunately Stoker was able to grow up without further illnesses.  He even became quite the athlete.

Stoker was a Protestant and worshiped in the Church of Ireland.  He graduated from college with honors with a B.A. in mathematics.  Stoker married Florence Balcombe, and together they had one son, Irving Noel.

Stoker died on April 20, 1912.  The cause of his death is a bit of a controversy.  Some historians think he died of tertiary syphilis, others believe he was overworked.  Stoker's body was cremated and his ashes were displayed at the Golders Green Crematorium.  The ashes of his son are in the same urn.  Visitors that wish to see the urn are permitted in the room under supervision, as vandalism is feared.

The first film adaptation of DRACULA was released in 1922.  It was called NOSFERATU.  Stoker's wife claimed that she was never asked for permission to make the book into a movie.  Eventually she won the case and the film was supposed to have been destroyed.  However, the movie can still be found today.  In my opinion, it is still very creepy!  The first authorized adaptation of DRACULA was released in 1931 and stared Bela Lugosi.

Happy birthday, Bram Stoker!


  1. Huge Bram Stoker fan. Loved the original Dracula book.

  2. I have Dracula on next Oct's to read list. (This year was Frankestein)
    So, even the authors of classics had to keep a day job. Oh well...

    1. You know what Mardra, I didn't come across it in the research for this post, but I'm pretty sure I've heard somewhere that DRACULA was a sort of overlooked book during Bram Stoker's lifetime. I think it coincides with his widow being so angry with the NOSFERATU movie. Just like the rest of us aspiring writers, the Stokers were broke!