Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spooky Specters

Have you ever felt like someone was watching you?  Like you aren't alone even though there's no one else in the room?  Has your hair ever stood on end as soon as you walked through a door?  Was the place haunted?

When I was younger, I was extremely afraid of ghosts.  I once screamed at my parents because they were watching the movie  Poltergeist and I could hear hear it in my bedroom.  Since then, I've changed.  I now find myself curious and excited about the idea of ghosts.  I've been to a few haunted locations including Gettysburg, New Orleans, Salem, MA, the Lizzy Bordon House and the Stanley Hotel.  There are a few lesser known places I've visited as well.  But what about these places makes them haunted?

Here is a list of some signs a place is haunted:

  • unexplained noises
  • doors or cabinets opening/closing on their own
  • lights turning off/on
  • cold/hot spots
  • unexplained smells
  • cries and whispers
  • feelings of heavy, hot air
  • thoughts that are not your own
  • apparitions
  • unexplained shadows
The list goes on, but you get the idea.  There are various reasons a place could be haunted.  Each location is different.  If you love that eerie feeling that ghosts can give you, keep exploring and looking for them.  If you've never experienced ghostly activity before, I encourage you to try it.  Almost any area has their own ghost stories and haunted locations.  If you don't know where to start, your local library or bookstore probably have books on the subject.  And there's always the Internet.  Look around and see what you can find.  You just may discover a new hobby! 


  1. I love ghost stories. I've lived in two houses that I believe were haunted. A third house may have been haunted too--I didn't experience anything unusual while I lived in it, but later I found a photograph taken in that house of a man sitting in a rocking chair at my birthday party. Only that man wasn't there. No one in my family recognized him nor remembered him being at the party. At least he didn't do anything malevolent...unlike the ghost in another house I lived in....

    1. Awesome ghost story, Chris! I'm trying to work on a short story based on one of my mom's experiences with a ghost. And I too have lived in a couple of homes where I've felt something there with me....

  2. Ghosts are so real :) In Alabama we have lots of ghost stories and books written on the subject. I grew up in a home that was well over 100 years old and you could just feel them. It's fun telling those stories now. These new homes are just too young to hold spirits :)

    1. The south holds a wealth of information on ghosts! Especially with all of the slavery and other issues that went on...lots of energy there. Before we moved to Colorado, my family and I lived in a very old house in Pennsylvania. I don't remember ever seeing anything, but I sure did feel things all the time!

  3. Ghost stories, what a timeless and universal theme. I have a friend who doesn't believe in anything supernatural. How is that even possible?

    1. Mardra, some people are very much like that. I'm more of a "prove that it doesn't exist" type of girl!