Monday, January 27, 2014

My Four Question Interview

Here at Thumps, Bumps and Thrills, I focus on the mysterious and macabre, and steer clear of author interviews.  However, I was asked by fellow writer/friend Julia Pierce to participate in a self interview for my blog.  You can see Julia's answers here,

So here it goes....

What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on an urban fantasy which deals with witches, ghosts and...VAMPIRES.

How is your story unlike other stories in your genre?

With the oversaturation of a trope like vampires, it's extremely difficult to come up with something new and completely original.  For that reason, I will not go into too much detail here on the specifics of my current Work in Progress (WIP).  But I am willing to give a few general descriptions of some things I have going on.

Instead of fire-wielding, complete fantasy types of witchcraft and magic, my books (yes, plural) focus on a more true-to-life, Pagan based belief system.  I've been finding that even though this approach is limiting in terms of what can be done in my books, it helps to keep things grounded as well.  My future readers should be less likely to stray from reading because something seems too implausible. 

I also incorporate a mixture of vampire lore, history and mythology that gives a twist on some traditional paranormal topics.  Whereas some of these things have been touched on by other authors every so often in order to further characterization, my books would fall to pieces without them.

Why do you write what you write?

I smile every time I see this question.  It is very daunting at times when I think of how hard it will be to break out with topics such as the ones I've chosen to write about.  But I've found that a writer needs to write what is in their heart and in their mind. 

I saw my first vampire movie when I was nine years old.  It wasn't the nice, bloodless paranormal romance stuff that is so prevalent today.  The Lost Boys was a hard-core vampire movie that had its characters ripping people's heads off!  From that moment on, I was completely sucked in.  Vampires never frightened me.  Instead, I was always totally fascinated by them.  I like to say that I grew up with vampires.  I hate to make myself sound like a nutcase (this is my area of geek...everyone has one), but I think about vampires all the time.  For nearly every story, song, or what-not I hear, I can think of a vampire story to reflect its moral.  When that happens to a writer, how could they not write about vampires?  It's in my blood!

What is your writing process?

It's hard to concentrate on writing during the day while chasing two very young, active children around.  It simply can't be done in my case.  So I figure I've got two options:

A) I could wake up earlier than everyone else to get my writing time in. 
B) I can stay up after everyone else has gone to sleep and let my twisted little brain work its magic.

Yes, of course I go with option B!  I've never been a morning person and never will be.  So many people told me that I would become one while I was still pregnant with my first-born child.  Boy, were they wrong!  I'm a night owl, always have been.  I love the quiet stillness (and creepiness) that is the night.  It relaxes me and helps get the creativity flowing.

So that's a little bit of information on me and my writing.  I'd be happy to answer any more questions if  you have any for me, just ask!

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