Friday, September 27, 2013

Ancient Aliens

As anyone who knows me or has read my previous posts knows, I love a good unexplained mystery.  I'm really a "prove to me it doesn't exist"..."prove to me it isn't real" type of girl.  With that being said, there are a few things even I have trouble believing. 

It is a very popular belief that aliens exist, that there is life somewhere that exists in a place other than the Earth that we live on.  I'm not going to say that theory is totally unbelievable.  In fact, I think there must be other life forms somewhere.  Why not?

But there are also a number of structures here on Earth that some people claim have been put here by aliens.  Crop circles are a big one that I'm sure come to a lot of people's minds.  However, I'm going to focus more on the ancient structures of Stonehenge, Easter Island and the Great Pyramids. 


There are some people that believe it is highly unlikely that Stonehenge was built by the people of Earth.  While Stonehenge was being established, Neolithic peoples were roaming the land.  Some believe these early people lacked the knowledge and resources to build such a structure.  They think it is more likely that ancient aliens built Stonehenge. 

Another belief is that Stonehenge was built by the Neolithic people and that they designed it with the image of a UFO in mind.  The design was intended to pay respect to visitors from outer space.


No one knows for sure what the statues on Easter Island are supposed to represent.  It is a belief that ancient aliens helped the people on the island establish their civilization.  In return, the people of Easter Island built the statues to represent the helpful beings.


Historians ponder over how the Great Pyramids may have been built.  Some people believe that ancient aliens observed things about the Earth - such as location and magnetic poles - with their abundant technology and built these giant structures accordingly.

The possibility of the above structures being built to represent aliens and their paraphernalia seems more likely to me than any of the others.  After all, isn't that what sacrifices and idols are used for in various religions?  Or perhaps the ancient peoples responsible for the building of the structures were merely practicing their religions - honoring their gods, not aliens at all?  I don't know.  What are your thoughts?


  1. Hmm. Ancient Aliens...tricky.
    I agree, it makes more sense to believe there is life beyond earth than not.
    Why would species come from another planet, build a thing, then go? I don't know. The again, maybe they didn't leave after all...

    1. That's what I'm saying, Mardra. If there are aliens out there, why would they come all this way? Vacation, maybe? Okay. But why spend so much time? Why build these giant structures and then just leave? April Fool's joke? I don't buy it.