Friday, August 2, 2013

Vampire-Killing Kits

Okay, so let's set the scene....

It was a dark and stormy night.  The vampire's castle sat atop a mountain, overlooking a village.  The village people have grown tired of being frightened.  They hire a vampire hunter to take care of the problem....

Sounds like an old monster movie?  Yep, but it also has some truth to it.

You see back in the day, before science was able to explain just about everything, people were naturally more superstitious.  There were signs and symptoms believed to be vampiric evidence.  In other words, people believed that vampires existed.  I know, I know, there are people today that hope and pray that vampires do exist.  But to these simple people of long ago, vampires were total monsters, not the beautiful and sometimes sparkly (*ugh*) creatures that we know and love today.  People would go out in search of vampires to set their souls free.  With that being said, there were also kits one could acquire to aid in the killing of a vampire.

Some of the things that might end up in a vampire-killing kit would be:
  • Stakes (sharp pointy objects)
  • Crosses and crucifixes (religious symbolism)
  • Holy water (to throw at the vampire)
  • Matches or candles (for fire lighting)
  • Mirrors (highly irritating to vampires)
  • Garlic (or anything else that's stinky...onions, pungent cheese, etc.)
  • The Bible (for scripture reading)
  • Seeds (traditionally, vampires would have to stop and count every seed you threw at them)
Is there anything you would add to your kit?  Or would you gladly join the evil undead?


  1. Well I don't write about vampires and hope I never run into one but this is excellent information Kristi!

  2. Why did vampire's have to count seeds? Is that some sort of specific vampire OCD thing?
    Wow. A vampire killing kit.

    1. Yes, it used to be thought that vampires were so OCD that they would have to stop and count the things that could be used against them. Objects like poppy seeds, mustard seeds, ect would be used because they are smaller in size. See, even Count von Count from Seasame Street has some validity!

  3. Never heard of the seed counting thing. Interesting. Have odd images of sparkly vampires bending over to pick up magic beans.
    One, two, three....
    'Jack stop!! Climb your beanstalk and let me finish counting or I will bite your jugular!'

    1.'s going to take a long time to recover from the sparkly vamps!